Womax B.V. was founded in 1978 and only delivers to the trade in Europe. Womax is mainly aimed at the catering industry, catering, professional kitchens, hospitals, butchers, and bake off. Delivery takes place by way of an extensive web of importers, dealers and cash & carry self-service wholesalers.

Besides the production of equipment that carries Womax’s brand-name Euromax, Womax also delivers a large programme of requirements for the catering industry. Womax also represents a number of manufacturers of well-known brands on an exclusive basis.

Thanks to years of  experience, Womax guarantees an extensive and professionally well-cared-for programme for very competitive prices! For production purposes only high-quality materials are used to ensure that our products comply with the standards set up by the European Community.

A fast and customer-friendly settlement is possible especially because of the flexibility of Womax’s employees together with the fact that all articles are largely available in stock.

Naturally, you are always welcome to visit Womax’s showroom, which is located at the Einsteinstraat 71 in Dordrecht.

Womax B.V.
Einsteinstraat 71
3316 GG Dordrecht
[Postbus 628
3300 AP Dordrecht]
Tel. 078-6511955
Fax. 078-6182121